Cranky’s is an independent bicycle shop that used to be located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara – on State Street. Jim moved here from Los Angeles (originally from Virginia) to start a family, and a bike shop, in a town that embraces cyclists and families and is unparalleled in natural beauty.

The shop opened in April 2010, and we hope to service the community for many years to come. We want everyone to feel comfortable coming into Cranky’s (despite the name), whether you are a pro rider, commuter, or haven’t been on a bike since you were a little grasshopper. We love riding and hope to inspire the folks that we have the pleasure of calling customers and friends.

The types of bikes that we carry vary… a little something for everyone!

* Commuter
* Cyclo-cross
* Fixed
* Kids
* Mountain
* Road
* Single Speed

We have a lot of specialty items that you might not find otherwise. We carry products from all over the world; however, we pride ourselves on carrying as much local and made in the USA as possible. Since we are a family run business, local support means a lot to us. If you find yourself drooling over something online, please let us know, so we can carry it in the store and match the price. Also, we can order just about any part that you need, so just ask!

Our meticulous mechanics have the years of experience that might just make us even more picky about your bike working properly than you are. From a simple tune up to a complete overhaul, we guarantee that you will be pleased with our work.

Bike builds and wheel building is another one of our specialties. Ever seen a Phil Wood spoke cutter? We’ve got one and it’s a beaut! We can build a bike from the frame up, and we enjoy the process just as much as you! Choose the components (fork, handlebars, stem, cranks, pedals, hubs, rims, spokes, nipples, bottom bracket, headset, cog, etc.), colors, you name it, and we’ll help you create a dream bike – one that is unique to you.

Jim is a fit expert. We can set up an appointment (when the shop is closed) for a private fit session. If you are looking to have a bike built specifically for your body geometry, we work with exceptional frame builders that can build a frame to meet your specific sizing needs.

If you have a special needs build, please see Jim C. He has worked with folks who have the drive to continue riding even when physical limitations call for a bike built outside of the traditional idea of a bicycle.

The community that has embraced us so warmly is one that we want to advance and promote. We believe that a strong, voter-backed, local coalition can work as an incredible asset, and possible advocate, for homegrown cyclists’ rights and facilities improvements – check out the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition and the Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trails Volunteers (or SBMTV). You can join SBMTV (and by default, the IMBA) by clicking on the link above – be sure to give your favorite shop credit! We are proud sponsors of bike-related events happening year-round. If you have an idea for a race, want to organize a team, or know of some kind of awesome, two-wheeled, human-powered happening… let us know about it. As a simple gift to the community, we will be bringing back the Goldsprints: you can come to Cranky’s and ride to glory on our two-bike system, leaving friends and family so far in the dust that stories of your epic strength and speed will be retold around campfires for generations to come. (Check the photos section for shots from our first event.)

Our philosophy is simple: A bike that works well and feels good is one that you will look forward to riding – the more excited you are about riding, the easier it is to burn off last nights In n’ Out, stop spending money on gas, and keep the fun of a simple life and community that much closer.

The folks that keep the gears and wheels spinning here…

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  • Location & Hours:

    1014 State Street
    Santa Barbara, CA 93101
    805.963.RIDE (7433)

    Open 12-7pm Monday thru Saturday
    Sunday 2-6pm

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