Wheel Building And Weekend Street Beating

Well this Saturday will be interesting… It’s a pck your poison (or poisons) kind of day, as there are a lot of events to choose from here. First up, Santa Barbara Open Streets – ride your bike along the ocean on a car-free Cabrillo Blvd., and enjoy some yoga/dancing/what-have-yous. Click on the banner below for more info.

Then, there’s the transition/road bike games out by Ledbetter Beach: bring your triathlete/mechanic/handling skills to this one. You know the drill – click the banner…


And finally, learn to build a wheel. This is an amazing skill to have. A well-built wheel is one of the best parts on a bike, and you’ll be able to build one when you’re done. Period. In fact, you will learn more in this class than many paid mechanics know. Period. Now click below and sign up, because spots are limited on this one.


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Mountain Bike’s Godfather In L.A. This Weekend…

Charlie Kelly is often credited as a pioneer in the sport of mountain biking – for good reason… He scouted, promoted, and scored (and recorded) the original mtn. bike race, “Repack”. If we’re not here Sunday, now you know where we went…and it’s where you should be, too. (And I’m not even mentioning Gary Fisher here because you should know who he is already.) As a side note: this was the coolest thing I saw at Interbike, and I’ll be trying to get some copies for the shop. Maybe we can even get them here…and a ride with them would be amazing!


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Neil Hise – Welcome To The Shop…

Neil Hise has joined us at the shop: another BMX shredder from the east coast, Neil rides for FBM. Here’s a video from FBM’s 21st birthday party/jam… There will be some pics and info from Interbike in the next couple of days, too. (OK,so I stil havent takenthe pics off m camera from Interbike, and I got sick of the autoplay on this video…to see the FBM coverage, click on the image below.)


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Where Are We?

Well, the time has come for the annual gathering of bicycle industry types and schmoozers galore – the fabulous Interbike in Las Vegas. And while these annual trade shows do highlight the nics and the nacs that smart minds have thunk up, they actually give those of us that have traveled and worked throughout the country an opportunity to congregate with our long, lost brethren…and today I hung out with Chris King and Tom Ritchey!!! (Note: More on those developing fronts to come.) The news so far: fat bikes were everywhere (and they still climb like chunkier versions of regular bikes), and hydro road discs seem to be here to stay. My favorite clips from today are below, and Vittorio Brumotti (he did have “I Dare You” tattooed on his thighs) had several tricks that spoke for themselves!

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Well, It’s Been A While…

First, I wanna say goodbye to a customer of ours, Robin Williams. Godspeed.


And about a month ago, we had Kriss Kyle in town – doing this…





And the Mexico City CMWC happened.






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